Millet’s Wedding with John Ray

I have a good news! Millet, my long time friend from high school, is now engaged with her boyfriend of ten years, John Ray! Isn’t this so exciting?

So Millet told me I will be her maid of honor and also wedding coordinator, which I gamely agreed! Who else will be very excited for their friend? And of course, I am excited to manage her wedding as her friend! We had an initial planning and we plan on three options where we can have their wedding venue that is intimate and is enjoyable.

Here are the top three wedding venue options for Millet and John Ray wedding:

  1. Garden Wedding

This is my suggestion. We can have her wedding in John Ray’s very spacious garden in the house of his grandparents. His grandparents died six years ago and the mansion they stayed in is now serving as an events venue business for their family. This is totally a nice idea plus they get to spend less. In fact, they already have ready to use tables and Adirondack chairs there which are really suitable for a garden themed wedding.


  1. Beach Wedding

This one is my favorite too. Actually, this is my dream wedding location. However, we are living in the city and the nearest beach from their house is about six hours drive away which is very time consuming not only for them but for the guests too. Imagine they have to drive six long hours just to get to the venue. Also note their time schedules, the place where they can be accommodated, the venue of the reception area, and even the weather that day! I am not sure if this is practical for the two. I know they are both busy with their law school and as their wedding coordinator and friend, I know this is not something that is easy to pull off.


  1. Resort Wedding

There is a newly opened resort just 30 minutes drive away from here. I already checked the area and they have one big pool and one kiddie pool. I honestly think this will not fit 100 plus people that we will invite—the couple’s family and friends, their classmates, workmates, and even their relatives. Since the couple told me they wanted to have an intimate but fun wedding, I do not think the venue is perfect. I actually think it is best for birthdays only. Though they said they will give me 20 percent discount on the venue, I am still in doubt because I also checked their reception area. It looks small and the light and sound system is a little cracking. This might give us trouble in the day of wedding itself and I do not want to be stressed out with these little details that might ruin the intimate celebration.

As of now, we are eyeing for the garden themed wedding and we are just waiting for John Ray’s approval on the usage of his grandparent’s house. I hope they will agree so I can go on with the execution of my wedding plan for the two.

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