Starting A Blog? Here’s Where You Can Get Amazing Stock Photos

Starting a Blog has been an eye-opening experience for me. Seriously, certain aspects of it have come out of nowhere. They’re just not the kinds of things that you expect to have to deal with, or at least I didn’t expect to have to deal with them. I guess I had a naive point of view on blogging. I even sought the help of a website builder to start off my blog. I just thought that if I wrote great articles that people would read them. To some extent, that is true, but the truth of the matter is that there’s a lot more to it than that.

A lot more to it.

Over my first few posts, one of the most annoying things that I was finding had to do with finding quality stock photos.

So many of my friends who blog, and articles I read, had told me a lot about the importance of attaching an interesting image to your blog post if you are hoping to get people to read it. Make sense, right?

However, I found that this was much harder than I originally suspected. You see, and less you have an image of your own to contribute, you have to use a stock photo. Stock photos, it turns out, on most websites that host them, or actually painfully boring and often it is hard to find an image that does Justice to the words that you’ve written.

There are not many more annoying feelings than writing something that you are totally proud of, and then attaching some plain, boring, generic image. I feel that it might actually have the opposite effect of the reason that we are told to attach a man just to our blogs in the first place. If the image is so lame, why would somebody click on it. In this case, I started to wonder if it would be worth it to just depend on the quality of my words in the title and subtitle to draw people in.

Then, I found EyeEm,  And holy cow my life got a whole lot easier. My least favorite thing about blogging disappeared in an instant, and everything bad about the search for stock photography was no longer a part of my life. Obviously, I’m pretty happy about this, and I’m looking to share my findings with anybody else who might have been, or is still struggling with the issue that I previously described.

Seriously, this site has so many great Stock Photos. I highly, highly, highly recommended. Highly.

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