Six Staple Must-Haves For Every Working Woman

There are a lot of fashion trends sprouting here and there and every woman is free to choose whatever style she wants. But there are certain must-haves that should be in every woman’s closet. These items do not confirm with the latest. In fact, they are classic staples that still look trendy even for years.

Here are the top six style staples that you should add to your wardrobe real quick to achieve that classy way of dressing.

Denim Jeans

They say you give a woman a pair of denim jeans and she shall conquer the world. Many women can attest that a pair of denim jeans makes them feel comfortable. Be it the skinny type, the boyfriend jeans style, tattered and ripped ones, or even baggy, these denim pairs will never go out of style. These can be paired with a floral top for a lunch date of a sexy black blouse for a night out with friends.

Leather Bag

A working woman knows that a leather bag, which can for almost everything, is their go-to pal. Leather bags are not only fit for the office but during date nights too.

Red Lipstick

Ever feel naked when you’re not in lip stick? Painting our lips red is makes one day complete. Though there are many lip stick shades that are being introduced almost every week by different brands, one shade will never go out of style. It fits for work, for a wedding, for an afternoon at mall or even when you’re at home.

White Top

A white top should be in every woman’s closet. It can be a blouse (which you can use for your office) or a nice, crisp tee perfect for rush meetings or urgent errand at the mall. Pair you top with just about anything–it can be a pair of jeans, skirt, slacks, or shorts.

Black Coat/ Blazer

Adding a gorgeous coat to an extremely boring outfit puts a little attitude to your look. It also gives you extra professionalism and maturity when you have your coat with you.

A Nice Pair of Heels

High heels are not for runways only. Some get their confidence from their heels. Many can attest that adding a couple of inches for your height can give you extra confidence in acing for the presentation or making it in a job interview.


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