Giving Back Through Giving Gifts

Sometimes, you just don’t know what to buy the person that you love, and that’s what happened to me recently, and I found it to be extremely upsetting and distressing. I wondered if it meant that I had fallen out of connection with my husband, the fact that I didn’t know exactly what to get him, and exactly what would make him happy this year. It’s never happened to me before, I’ve always known exactly what to do, but I guess with the new baby and everything it just becomes very hard to decide what you’re going to do for these kind of things, because you’re paying less attention to the actual wants of your partner, and just having to accommodate each other’s needs all the time.

It’s beautiful and its own way, but it’s also kind of sad. I really had to Rack my brain on this one, and then I finally decided that I should buy him a couple of things. The first thing I did was buy him a new tent. I knew that he wanted a new tent, but I didn’t know what kind of tent to get him. So I went to the website Survival Cooking, which is actually a wonderful website that gives very well written and balanced reviews about all sorts of different products.

All of the products are kind of outdoorsy, like grills and barbecues and stoves, and other types of things that you might use camping, tailgating, or have in your backyard. Anyway, I also wanted to get him something uncharacteristic, because it seems like I always get him some kind of outdoorsy things, and I know that he’s a multi-layered man that has all sorts of complex wants and needs, and some of the things he would never think to ask for. One of those things, in my opinion, was a nice new watch. He has this old watch that he loves, but it is getting very old and beginning to break. It keeps talking about fixing it, but instead I went searching for the best watches under 500. I was able to find one that is very similar. I got a special line for my wedding vows engraved on the inside of the strap.



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